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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Baby Janson First Public Concert

Below is the video of Baby Janson first public concert organised by his school on the 30 Oct 2009!

The is Baby Janson!

4:09 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

Javier 1st Month

Daddy and Mummy celebrated Javier di di's 1st month in advance. As Daddy did not want a grand celebration so we did it within ourselves only.

We shaved Di di's hair and made into "Tai Mao Pi" which i had it too during my 1st month.

Di di's bald head

Di di's 1st month cake by Sweetest Moments

3:33 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

Cherie Heart Year End Mini Concert

Finally, the concert is over. All the hard work paid off. My classmates and I had been rehearsed for 2 months.

Initially, Mummy is scared that i will have stage fright. Surprisingly, I am not.

We had performed music performance from Kindermusic Enrichment Class and 2 dances - Clap Your Hands and Two Tigers.

As Mummy had not received the DVD (whole concert) so she uploaded the pixs first. Once Mummy received the DVD, she will upload to the blog.

The only regret is that Daddy did not attend as he had to look after Di di. Hope next year, all can attend the concert.

Dress up for the concert - look at my hair

3:17 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

Me and Javier Di di

Daddy took a photo of me and Di di.

Daddy made use of the hamper basket to put Di di inside.

3:07 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

Javier Di di at Day 5

3:05 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

The New Member of Ng Family, JAVIER NG

Hi uncles and aunties, this is my Di di, Javier. Does he look like me?

Arrival of Di di weigh at 3.4kg

Di di after bath

Hungry Di di looking for milk

2:41 PM
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