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Friday, November 30, 2007

301107 @ 1300HRS:

Another simple collage done by Daddy!

Thank you Daddy!

12:58 PM
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

271107 @ 1640HRS:

4:29 PM
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271107 @ 1550HRS:

A simple collage done by Daddy!
Photo taken by YK, NICE work!

3:46 PM
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Friday, November 16, 2007

161107 @ 1645HRS:

Mummy posing with Baby Janson wearing his new clothes!

Mummy with Baby Janson!
How come always Mummy with Baby Janson?
That is because Mummy cannot take photo well!

4:33 PM
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161107 @ 1630HRS:

Baby Janson practising his "shaking" skill - using M paper cup!
Can you see the cup? It movement is so fast that the image is so blur!

Taking a coffee break after practising!

Is Baby Janson acting cool or grumbling?
Or is it Mummy treating him badly?

4:26 PM
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161107 @ 1625HRS:

Daddy edited photo of Baby Janson!

Look at his "cleavage"!

Singapore top WANTED!

Mummy LOVES Baby Janson!
Look how happily both of them are!

A forecast look of Baby Janson when he grows old!
How come still so cutezzzz?!?!?!

4:18 PM
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161107 @ 1615HRS:

Baby Janson new hair cut! The front view.

The side view.

Grandma holding onto Baby Janson.

Baby Janson poo-ing!

Daddy edited photo! So cute!

4:09 PM
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161107 @ 1600HRS:

Baby Janson taking photo with Mummy!

Baby Janson's favourite pose - Grabbing his own feet...

Girly look of Baby Janson! Especially his hair!

Oldies photo of Baby Janson!

3:56 PM
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