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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner at Waraku!

Brought Janson for dinner at Waraku!

At first he seems to enjoy himself!

But once Daddy took out the camera, he started to show his displease!

10:27 PM
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Dim Sum at Red Star!

Some back dated photo for the dim sum breakfast!

10:20 PM
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dim Sum at Red Star Restaurant

Nowadays, every weekends, i woke up quite early. Maybe because i already get used to the timing. Daddy suggest to eat dim sum since Mummy is going to due soon.

So we called Ma Ma and gong gong to go with us for breakfast. It had been ages since we went to Red Star for dim sum.

When we reached there, the queue was so long that we waited almost half an hour.

Finally, we got the seats and i was about to get impatient. Partly because i had not fully recovered.

Daddy quickly went to get some snacks for me to munch in case i get grouchy again.

The adults had a sumptuous breakfast whereas i eat a little due to poor appetitie.

Nevertheless, we will still had the chance to come again after Mummy giving birth.

10:01 AM
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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Episode is Over

Daddy, mummy, ma ma and gong gong were happy that Janson had discharged yesterday afternoon. When Mummy told him, we are going back, he was so happy that he kept saying, "Home".

Luckily, he was not on drip when he was admitted. Otherwise, it will remind him of his past traumatise experience. Poor boy!

Ever since he borned, he had been in and out hospital for numerous times.

Hope he can grow stronger and healthier each day as he grow up.

9:29 AM
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sighz, Daddy and Mummy now accompanying Baby Janson at KKH children emergency observation ward. Baby was send in due to vomiting. Doctor suspect it due to some virus flu going on which is now on a spread spree. Doctor advises Daddy and Mummy to warded baby with worries that he may dehydrate. But Daddy and Mummy both was reluctance to do so cos they can't bear to see baby to be put on drip once again. Will monitor and see how.

5:58 AM
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Janson's doing writing without/with table

Poor Janson doing writing without table

Actually he had a table. See!

Have a break! Have a kit kat!

Do i look like LITTLE BOSS?

10:23 AM
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Exquisite Art

Every fortnightly, I will bring back my Cherian bag to update Daddy and mummy what we had learned in school.

This time round, when Mummy opened the bag, she found an EXQUISITE ART done by me.

Mummy asked Jan: "Jan, did u do it by yourself?"

Jan replies: "Kang." (with his hand patting his chest)

Mummy is so surprised he can do it so well. (Doubting is it the teacher helping him)

Nevertheless, as long as he learned something in school.


10:10 AM
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sakura Buffet

After Mummy's check-up, Daddy and mummy went for Sakura buffet at E-Hub. It was such a loooonnnnngggg time they had a quiet lunch without me.

The other motive is to pammper themselves before the arrival of Didi. Otherwise, with two little naughty boys around, it will be chaos.

These are some of the photos which Daddy took.

Look at the cakes! They are all my favourites. Look YUMMY!

TOO BAD, i was at school. :(
Hope they bring me the next round.

And even MOCHI, somemore...

12:43 AM
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Updates on Mummy's Check-Up

Mummy went to see Dr Woo on Thurday. Dr Woo commented everything is ok... except Didi is of bigger size.

Now Didi is 34 wks weighing at 2.6kg compared to me, i was only 2.1kg. If Didi is coming out full term, Dr Woo say it might weigh 3.8kg.

When Mummy heard that, she was very shocked. That time, when Mummy give birth to me, I was only 3kg and mummy is half dead. If Didi is really 3.8kg, then muumy will be even more "xin ku". Poor Mummy.

Anyway, let nature take it course as long as Didi is healthy and Mummy is also cutting down on her sugar intake.

12:32 AM
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

100909 @ 1715HRS:

National Bowler in the making!

5:06 PM
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100909 @ 1710HRS:

One more video showing Baby Janson eating his favourite food - CAKE!

See how fast Baby Janson finished his cake!

5:03 PM
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100909 @ 1700HRS:

Here's some recent video taken for Baby Janson!

This one taken at Waraku @ Starhub Centre!
Baby Janson eating his favourite food - CAKE!

4:55 PM
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mummy's Check Up Tomorrow

Mummy is now in 34wks. But she is not a bit 'kian cheong' like the 1st one. Until now, she have not packed her hospital bag, purchased milk bottles etc. Except the clothes are washed. BUT... not by Mummy is Ma Ma who washed it.

Mummy is not anxious about the hospital bag etc, she is more anxious about the delivery. Even though, this is her 2rd pregnancy, she had the phobia after giving birth to me.

Mummy always tell Daddy, "How ah? This time round, i don't want induce and scared of epi. I don't want to take epi, very painful but cannot endure the contractions. And i don't want c-section. Like that, how to give birth? And all the confinement and the process of taking care of the newborn again?"

Furthermore, Mummy is more worried about me when she is in hospital. Don't know if Daddy know how to take care of me and if at Ma Ma's house, mummy is afraid i will be bully by my cousin.

WHY????? Mummy had so many worries because I am her BAO BEI!

This does not mean Didi is not her BAO BEI. Both are her PRECIOUS GEMS!

It just that my health is not that good and needs extra care whereas Didi is with Mummy.

Anyway, Mummy will update her status when she is back from check-up.

9:48 AM
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Photo-Shoot Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I am having my 1st photo-shoot in school with my classmates as well as individual.

Hopefully, i can cooporate with the photographer tomorrow and take a nice shoot of me. Mummy will update in the blog once she receive the photos.

Stay tuned!

9:41 AM
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Waraku at Heeren

Yesterday, when i came back from school, Mummy asked the school bus's auntie did i cry on the school bus? Auntie reply with a "NO".

Mummy is very surprised & happy that i did not cry as yesterday was the 1st time i am on my own. Before that, i was with mummy only for 2 days trial. Maybe i had open myself and not so afraid of strangers now.

Because of this, Daddy & mummy decided to bring me to Waraku at Heeren for dinner as a reward for me.

As usual, Daddy will order 1 kid meal for me which is pasta.

Same old posture....VICTORY

The food in front all belong to me. Am i able to finish them? Make a guess!
Ha... Ha...

Lastly, the dessert is STICK CAKE!

1:17 PM
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Monday, September 07, 2009

School Bus, here I come!

Starting from today (07/09/09), I, Janson Ng, is officially taking school bus to school.

Mummy had been considering for quite some time whether is it suitable for me to take school bus myself. Because Mummy is going to due soon and nobody will send and fetch me from school. As for the school bus is stopping outside the gate, mummy is afraid i cannot walk in by myself because i still cannot walk very stable and also might cry inside the school bus.

If Daddy is going to send me to school, i will need to wake up very early and reach school around 7.30am. Mummy say that is quite early and i am still young.

If 2 gong gong sending me to school, 1 gong gong will not make it in time for work. But for the gong gong, he is able to send me, unable to fetch me from school.

The only solution is to take school bus for the time being. Mummy will see how it goes after Didi is born.

10:26 AM
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Parents-Teachers-Meeting on Saturday (05/09/09)

Last Saturday, Daddy & mummy went to school to meet my teachers. This is the 1st time Daddy & mummy attended. My school had it every quarter to update parents regarding the kids' performance and conduct.

Although i had been with the school for 2 months only, teachers commented i can adapted to the environment quite well. As for the speech wise, teacher had been training me to speak out. Teacher did comment that my learning is not bad. I can follow intructions.

Overall, Daddy & mummy are quite happy with my performance in school except need to speak out more and be careful in climbing up and down the stairs. They hope to see more improvements over the next few months.

10:09 AM
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Friday, September 04, 2009

New York New York at Centrepoint

As Daddy & mummy had a $30 voucher from Robinsons. We decided to go Centrepoint for shopping as well as lunch.

Again, Daddy is taking photos of me eating pasta again. Aaarrrrrrrr......

11:57 AM
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Teacher's Day Gifts

Mummy is intending to let me make my own gift to teacher. On the other hand, mummy is afraid i am making a mess and don't follow intructions. So for the 1st time, Mummy & daddy are helping me to make. Next year, I should be able to make myself.

Poor Daddy! He is staying up till 3-4 am for 3 nights to make the flowers and packagings.

All these are hand-made foam flowers (without packaging).

The 4 big bouquets are for Ms Ng (branch director), Ms Fion (supervisor), Ms Cecilia (english teacher), Ms Lee (chinese teacher) and the 2 small ones are for the traffic warden and Auntie Cook.

With packagings

11:32 AM
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Long John Silver at Rivervale Mall

Next Tuesday is Teacher's Day - 01/09/09. Daddy & mummy were thinking of making some gifts for the teachers who had been taking good care of me.

So we decided to go Daiso at Rivervale Mall to purchase some materials. Before that, we went to Long John Silver for dinner.

As usual, Daddy liked to take photos of me eating food. And i of coz enjoyed my food too. Mummy is afraid that since i enjoyed eating so much, will i become glutton? Ha...Ha... Not to afraid, mummy, I am eating moderate and not over-eating.

11:16 AM
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Mini Bowling at E-Hub on 28/08/09

Mummy was thinking it had been ages since i went bowling. So they decided to bring me to Pasir Ris for bowling.

The bowling at E-Hub is different from the adults. It is specially designed for kids like us.

Bowling is one of my favourite activities. I wonder will i be a bowler when i grow up?

Look at the mini bowl i am holding. Maybe it is time for me to train my muscles....

Look at me! Posting "VICTORY" with Daddy!

11:03 AM
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