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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

21/02/07 @ 2040HRS:

Happy Chinese New Year~

This is our family first family potrait taken on first day of CNY!

Look at mine handsome Daddy and chiobu Mummy!

This is mine Great Grandmother carrying me~

Look how alert I am!

CNY day 2, see how smart Daddy dressed me up!


I stained the top with mine milk~

Ended up, I went out bian nian with this top instead!

Do I look as cute as the Tweety Bird??

This is mine Grandparent carrying me!

Look how happy they are!

8:30 PM
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Monday, February 12, 2007

12/02/07 @ 1645HRS:

Finally, after a nice bath by Daddy, it time to go out!

Wearing clothes brought by Yee Yee, do I look extremely CUTE and HANDSOME?

4:34 PM
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12/02/07 @ 1415HRS:

Yesterday just had celebrated Baby Janson's baby shower!

First thing in the morning was to cut his nails.

Grandma! Can't you see that I'm crying???
Mummy! Why didn't you stop Granny??

Such a BIG scissor compared to mine small hand!
OUCH! Be careful!

Followed by, it the hair that goes.

Can I see your license/certificate in hairdressing?

Half side of the hair gone!

This is me now! BOTAK!
LADIES! Do I still look handsome??

4:13 PM
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

10/02/07 @ 1515HRS:

Finally get to drink my milk!

Daddy and Mummy so bad, trying to starve me ar??!!?!?

After drinking, it "Traffic Man" at work!





3:11 PM
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10/02/07 @ 1500HRS:

Baby Janson crying for milk!

Why no one making milk for me?!?!?

Daddy! Mummy! Where are you?!?!?

Mummy testing if Janson really hungry.

After waiting for 1 minute, still no milk, getting angry!

I turn!

Alamak! Failed! Someone please HELP ME!

2:54 PM
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10/02/07 @ 1410HRS:

Today Daddy just went to collect cakes from PINE GARDEN.

It look so sweet! Just like ME and it taste as good as it look!

Just a pity that the Ang Yi is abit lose out.

2:10 PM
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Friday, February 09, 2007

09/02/07 @ 2200HRS:

Look at me!!

This is taken by Mummy when Daddy was carrying me.

9:57 PM
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09/02/07 @ 2150HRS:

Today Daddy went to collect some cakes from MELROSE!

The 20pieces cake is for Grandpa's collegues and the Golden Mix is for Mummy's ex collgues.

YUMMY! Was very tasty!

Poor Daddy, lost his way while going there! Had a hard time searching for the location of the shop.
*LOVE Daddy always*

Hurray! Tomorrow Daddy going to collect some other cake meant for relatives from PINE GARDEN!
*Wondering how it going to be like and TASTE?!?!?*

Looking forward to tomorrow!

9:46 PM
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Monday, February 05, 2007

05/02/07 @ 1720HRS:

Finally Daddy know how tiring Mummy is when Janson was still inside Mummy's tummy.

But seem like Baby Janson enjoy being hugged in this way.

5:21 PM
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