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Friday, October 20, 2006

20/10/06 @ 1631HRS: Just came back from Metro Sale at Expo. Nothing much to buy for Baby. Only managed to buy 2 pairs of booties for Baby.

4:37 PM
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17/10/06 @ 1900HRS: Now was at Grandma house having dinner. Yesterday just return from Genting, hopefully Baby have great "fun" at Genting.
Brought 2 sets of clothings over at Genting.
Below shows the photo of the clothings:

7:06 PM
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

11/10/06 @ 0025HRS:
Top of the shelves: From L-R

12:17 AM
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11/10/06 @ 0015HRS:
4th row of compartment: From L-R

12:14 AM
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11/10/06 @ 0015HRS:
3rd row of compartment: From L-R

12:11 AM
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11/10/06 @ 0010HRS:
Here's the second row of compartment: From L-R

12:07 AM
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Here's the first row compartment: From L-R

12:03 AM
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10/10/06 @ 0000HRS: Finally, managed to find some times to update this blog. As over the weekend, we brought a shelf to display Mummy's collection of toys.
Therefore, these few days Daddy was busy fixing the shelf and arranging the toys.
Here the completed look:

11:59 PM
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

08/10/06 @ 2200HRS: Here what's Xiao Yee brought for Baby!
Baby, after you are born, you must remember to give Xiao Yee lots of "wet" kisses! You see she SO dote on you!

10:05 PM
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08/10/06 @ 2150HRS: Today brought 11 packet of kodomo baby wipes from Watson. Buy 10 get 1 free!

For dinner, Daddy and Mummy had "yu tou lu" with grandparent, ah jiu and Xiao Yee.

Oh yeah! Xiao Yee brought some clothings for Baby, will update the pic soon!

So sian! The weekend coming to the end. But never mind, this coming weekend will be our first trip to Genting with Baby!
Really looking forward for the trip!

9:57 PM
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08/10/06 @ 1625HRS: Today, Daddy wake up very early to do household chores while Mummy sleeping soundly with Baby. After, Mummy wake up, we had chicken rice for lunch.

Afterwhich, we went to Giant Hypermart at Parkway Parade to shop for groceries and shelf.

Today, Baby seems to be having hiccups as Mummy keep feeling Baby moving inside the womb.
*How I wish I can give Baby some water to drink to ease his hiccups.*

4:30 PM
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

07/10/06 @ 1926HRS: Sighz! Today Daddy wake up at 1400HRS. Very tired as yesterday got dinner function to attend.
Mummy whole night never sleep well due to heachaches. Then Baby seem to know that Mummy not sleeping well, keep kicking Mummy ask her go to sleep!
Then after Daddy wake up, went for late lunch @ Hougang Mall. Had Sushi for lunch!

After lunch, Daddy come back home fixed the computer as well as updating the color of Baby's blog.

Now going to ikea with Baby's grandparent, to do some shopping. Wondering what for dinner.

Tonight will do some update on the item Daddy and Mummy brought for Baby!
As well as some of the thing Baby's "Xiao Yi" brought for him!

7:32 PM
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Friday, October 06, 2006

06/10/06: Today nothing much to updated, as usual, go to work, come back home.
Today haven't feel Baby yet.

4:50 PM
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week 24: Today just went for regular checkup. Baby weight @ 578grams and is doing fine.

The pic below shows the side view of Baby during the scan. He doing "Gong Xi Gong Xi" posture. Wahahaha!

Wanna catch a glimpse of Baby's face, but he just refused to let us see.
Think got to wait till next month before can see Baby resemble more like Daddy or Mummy.

1MONTH! Think will call up to change appt to earlier date so that can see Baby earlier!

11:27 PM
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051006 @ 0911HRS: A very GOOD MORNING to all! Today wake up very early, cos today going see Baby!*anxious*

Thou yesterday sleep very "early', today still not feeling tired... The moment waken up, still can do laundry, boiled water, etc... Ended up, now still sitting in front of com doing this blog...

Now mine brave warrior still sleeping with mine little warrior.

I shall ended here, the rest will update when came back from appt!

9:17 AM
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05/10/2006 @ 0415HRS: This is the date and time when i wrote this posting.

Finally the blog is complete!
But ended up making wifey angry as so late liao still don't want to sleep.
Anyway, wifey is sleep soundly now, guess Baby also ba.

Siao liao, now already passed mine sleep hours, cannot sleep liao...But don't sleep also cannot as later @ 11ooHRS still got appointment with Dr Woo for checkup. Sighz... What to do??!?!? Been excited over doing Baby's blog..

It been 1mth since we last saw Baby. Really wondering how is "HE" doing now?

For the past few weeks, have been very excited and happy, managed to feel Baby tossing around n kicking about in the womb from outside.

Also feel proud of mine wifey - Celeste to go thru so much to bear me this Baby!
Hereby, I salute to all MUMMIES and MUMMIES-TO-BE! All of you are really BRAVE warriors!

Got to end here liao, but do tuned in for more updates on our Baby!

Cheers and have a GOOD NIGHT!

4:21 AM
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Week 20: Now, can you determine better who does Baby look more like?

Week 20: First look at the hands!
So CUTE!!!!

4:16 AM
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Week 16: FINALLY! First look at Baby's face. So, who do you think Baby look more like?

Week 16: One last tries, can you spot the "bell"?

If not, look at the TEXT written!

4:11 AM
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Week 12: Close up on Baby! This is the time that we can know gender of Baby!

Week 12: Scan from bottom. Can see anything? Wanna make a guess?!?!

4:06 AM
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Week 9: Can really see Baby sleeping on his back!

4:04 AM
+ Baby's Talk +

Week 7: Now can see that Baby is forming.

3:59 AM
+ Baby's Talk +

After spending so much time, it finally up and running. It may not be prefect, but rest assured, I will slowly improve it as times goes by.

Please left any comment for me to improve!

12:14 AM
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 5: Our first glimpse at our little one... Now can only see the waterbag... But, it enough for us! You are a BIG present to us!

6:58 PM
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Baby, this is the first posting in your blog by daddy. Daddy just finished upload your blog. This blog is for you to know what's happening before you were born.

6:53 PM
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