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Sunday, November 26, 2006

26/11/06: These are the new things just added to Baby Janson "Have List".

6:38 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

26/11/06: Today went to Bishan J8, only got a 2oz milk bottle from Kiddy Palace.
Reached home then Daddy and Mummy started to pack bags as Daddy going to Thailand for 1 week for stocktake. Therefore, Mummy going to Grandma house to stay!

Poor Mummy! Daddy worried that Mummy couldn't take care of herself when he is away.

Daddy going miss Mummy and Baby Janson badly!


25/11/06: Today went shopping for Baby Jansons' stuff. Managed to get napkin, bath towel and playmat.

Althought Baby Janson already had 20pieces of napkin, Daddy still 'kiasu', went to buy another 20 pieces more! Ended up, washed 18 sticks of napkin!


24/11/06: Today was MUMMY CELESTE's birthday! Daddy brought a ice-cream cake from Swensen for her.

Seem that Baby Janson enjoyed himself while Mummy eating the cake as he kicked her throughout the feast on the ice-cream cake.

But after the feast, Baby Janson having hiccup *Poor Janson* thus making Mummy so guilty about eating the cake. *Poor Mummy*

Today also collected some toys from Auntie Zenn - The Discovery Pal and Stimulti Ball.


23/11/06: Today went for check up! Baby Janson was covering his face with his hand. Didn't managed to see his face *sad*. Somemore today Dr Woo didn't give Daddy any photo to keep.

Baby Janson was weighing 1.5kg @ Week 31!

5:10 PM
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Friday, November 03, 2006

03/11/06 @ 1230HRS: Yesterday went for the Ultra-scan! Finally! Saw Baby Janson's face! Baby Janson weighing 1070g @ 28 Weeks. During the check up, Baby Janson was sleep soundly on the placenta. Look SOOOOOO CUTE!

12:34 PM
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