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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

26/12/06 @ 2045HRS: Baby Janson today is 36 Weeks and 2 Days! Really looking forward for his arrival.

Baby been kicking mummy furiously, making Mummy very uncomfortable, poor Mummy.

8:45 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

26/12/06 @ 2040HRS: Brought these two pieces of clothing from FOX during Christmas Sale.

Wifey wanna Baby Janson to wear the sleeveless top for Chinese New Year.

8:39 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

26/12/06 @ 2030HRS: Also did one handphone porch for wifey. Work on it from 2200HRS till 0600HRS. Spent lots of effort!

Hope you liked it!

8:33 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

26/12/06 @ 2000HRS: During these few days, spent lots of time doing DIY photo frame for Baby Janson. Left with 3 more frame not completed yet due to the shortage of material. The balance 3 going to be using cross stitch as design.

Below shows the completed one:

8:00 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

Thursday, December 21, 2006

21/12/06 @ 1500HRS: Some more updates:

BaBa Baby clothing set, brought for Baby Janson for CNY.
*Wondering will it be too big?*

Daddy brought it while in Thailand

Baby sling from Mom In Mind (Cotton Sateen)

2:57 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

21/12/06 @ 1450HRS: Just back from checkup. Baby Janson weighing 2.461kg @ Week 35. Dr Woo say Baby most likely will be born next year ('07) as he have not yet engage.

Mummy was hoping Baby "come out" on 010107, so that Baby can get 1 year free diaper and milk formula supply! Wahaha!

2:51 PM
+ Baby's Talk +

21/12/06 @ 1435HRS: Just some updates on Baby Janson's "Have List".

Safety First Car Seat (NB to 4 years old)

Night Lamp from IKEA

Baby Cot from IKEA (Mattress not included )

Diaper Bag from BP

Basin for baby bath (From "Guo Da Li")

2:34 PM
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