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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Noticeboard named Future Star at TMC

Daddy encountered something unbelievable at TMC when Mummy is at labour ward. After Mummy was given epidural, Daddy went out for a breather and walked past the noticeboard named "Future Star" along the corridor of the delivery suite.

And surprisingly, Daddy saw a photo of me on the noticeboard. Daddy couldn't believe his eyes how come my photo is there. Daddy went to ask the nurse about the photo. Below is the dialogue between two of them:

Daddy: "How come the noticeboard got my son's photo?"
Nurse: "Oh, it sent in by the parents."
Daddy: "But I never sent in any photo."
Nurse: "Then it not your son."
Daddy: "!@#$%^&"

Daddy took the pixs and show it to Mummy and tell her the conversation between him and and the nurse. Mummy find it weird too.

But anyway both of them confirm is my photo. ( Cos I was very ugly when I was born and nobody can beat me )

Ha ha ha!!!!!!

2:15 PM
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