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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dim Sum at Red Star Restaurant

Nowadays, every weekends, i woke up quite early. Maybe because i already get used to the timing. Daddy suggest to eat dim sum since Mummy is going to due soon.

So we called Ma Ma and gong gong to go with us for breakfast. It had been ages since we went to Red Star for dim sum.

When we reached there, the queue was so long that we waited almost half an hour.

Finally, we got the seats and i was about to get impatient. Partly because i had not fully recovered.

Daddy quickly went to get some snacks for me to munch in case i get grouchy again.

The adults had a sumptuous breakfast whereas i eat a little due to poor appetitie.

Nevertheless, we will still had the chance to come again after Mummy giving birth.

10:01 AM
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