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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updates on Mummy's Check-Up

Mummy went to see Dr Woo on Thurday. Dr Woo commented everything is ok... except Didi is of bigger size.

Now Didi is 34 wks weighing at 2.6kg compared to me, i was only 2.1kg. If Didi is coming out full term, Dr Woo say it might weigh 3.8kg.

When Mummy heard that, she was very shocked. That time, when Mummy give birth to me, I was only 3kg and mummy is half dead. If Didi is really 3.8kg, then muumy will be even more "xin ku". Poor Mummy.

Anyway, let nature take it course as long as Didi is healthy and Mummy is also cutting down on her sugar intake.

12:32 AM
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