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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mummy's Check Up Tomorrow

Mummy is now in 34wks. But she is not a bit 'kian cheong' like the 1st one. Until now, she have not packed her hospital bag, purchased milk bottles etc. Except the clothes are washed. BUT... not by Mummy is Ma Ma who washed it.

Mummy is not anxious about the hospital bag etc, she is more anxious about the delivery. Even though, this is her 2rd pregnancy, she had the phobia after giving birth to me.

Mummy always tell Daddy, "How ah? This time round, i don't want induce and scared of epi. I don't want to take epi, very painful but cannot endure the contractions. And i don't want c-section. Like that, how to give birth? And all the confinement and the process of taking care of the newborn again?"

Furthermore, Mummy is more worried about me when she is in hospital. Don't know if Daddy know how to take care of me and if at Ma Ma's house, mummy is afraid i will be bully by my cousin.

WHY????? Mummy had so many worries because I am her BAO BEI!

This does not mean Didi is not her BAO BEI. Both are her PRECIOUS GEMS!

It just that my health is not that good and needs extra care whereas Didi is with Mummy.

Anyway, Mummy will update her status when she is back from check-up.

9:48 AM
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