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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Waraku at Heeren

Yesterday, when i came back from school, Mummy asked the school bus's auntie did i cry on the school bus? Auntie reply with a "NO".

Mummy is very surprised & happy that i did not cry as yesterday was the 1st time i am on my own. Before that, i was with mummy only for 2 days trial. Maybe i had open myself and not so afraid of strangers now.

Because of this, Daddy & mummy decided to bring me to Waraku at Heeren for dinner as a reward for me.

As usual, Daddy will order 1 kid meal for me which is pasta.

Same old posture....VICTORY

The food in front all belong to me. Am i able to finish them? Make a guess!
Ha... Ha...

Lastly, the dessert is STICK CAKE!

1:17 PM
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