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Monday, September 07, 2009

School Bus, here I come!

Starting from today (07/09/09), I, Janson Ng, is officially taking school bus to school.

Mummy had been considering for quite some time whether is it suitable for me to take school bus myself. Because Mummy is going to due soon and nobody will send and fetch me from school. As for the school bus is stopping outside the gate, mummy is afraid i cannot walk in by myself because i still cannot walk very stable and also might cry inside the school bus.

If Daddy is going to send me to school, i will need to wake up very early and reach school around 7.30am. Mummy say that is quite early and i am still young.

If 2 gong gong sending me to school, 1 gong gong will not make it in time for work. But for the gong gong, he is able to send me, unable to fetch me from school.

The only solution is to take school bus for the time being. Mummy will see how it goes after Didi is born.

10:26 AM
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