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Friday, September 04, 2009

Teacher's Day Gifts

Mummy is intending to let me make my own gift to teacher. On the other hand, mummy is afraid i am making a mess and don't follow intructions. So for the 1st time, Mummy & daddy are helping me to make. Next year, I should be able to make myself.

Poor Daddy! He is staying up till 3-4 am for 3 nights to make the flowers and packagings.

All these are hand-made foam flowers (without packaging).

The 4 big bouquets are for Ms Ng (branch director), Ms Fion (supervisor), Ms Cecilia (english teacher), Ms Lee (chinese teacher) and the 2 small ones are for the traffic warden and Auntie Cook.

With packagings

11:32 AM
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