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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Excursion to Farmart

Yesterday, i went to Farmart with my friends. As this is the 1st time i going excursion with my friends, mummy tagged along with us.

K1 and K2 classes went last wednesday so only left the PG1, PG2 and nursery. We set off at 9.05am. On the bus, I was humming my ABC song.

Half an hour had passed and we finally reached the destination. I was very excited.

After we alighted the bus, we were brought to the bench for a short introduction of the farm. See how attentive i am.

Can you spotted me? Sitting with me are my classmates. On my right are Nathapee and Wee Hern. On my left are Marcus and Adrina. Too bad, Bowie is not with us. She went to Macau for holiday.

After the introduction, we proceeded to another area to see animals. These are some of the animals Uncle Wiliam is going to explain to us.

*Sorry for the blurred pix.

This is Uncle William. He is explaining what is a quail.




Uncle William is explaining to us how to differentiate a male and female frog.


Sad to say, mummy is a poor photographer. She did not manage to take front view except the back view of me feeding the goat. Hope mummy will polish up her photography skills.

End of the excursion, we finally can take a rest.
See how i enjoyed my nuggets.

Even though, i was feeling tired and warm. I hope next time i can bring Di Di along. And i will be the one explaining to him.

10:28 AM
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