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Friday, August 21, 2009

Some updates!

Janson is attending half day at Cherie Hearts for 3 weeks before deciding to convert him to full day. Initially, he cried every time when mummy send him to school. It made mummy heartpain.

Mummy had no choice but got to be more hard hearted. He is already quite slow in his developments compared to his peers. He only know how to say some simple single syllabus. As for alphabets, shapes and numbers, he knew a few.

And also feedback from his teacher, he seldom mixes with his classmates.

Mummy hope for the next few months, he can improve more. Anyway, it take times as he stays at home with mummy facing the 4 walls for quite some time without letting him to explore to the outside world.

1 good news! is that Janson is already off the steriods for almost 2 months. Doctor commented it does not mean he fully recovered and there is chances of reoccurance. He still need to be closely monitored.

Mummy is glad as long as he is off the steroids and he can attend school like other normal kids will do.

As for the future, who knows.

9:58 AM
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