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Sunday, May 03, 2009

030509 @ 2350HRS:

It's now wee hour while Daddy Alvin is updating Baby Janson's blog. After updating, Daddy got to continue with his school work!

Recently, as Daddy has went back to school again, he really have no time for Baby Janson, feeling really upset and guilty of leaving Mummy Celeste who is now 4 month preggie at home alone with Baby Janson.

Everytime Daddy come back either from work or school, Baby Janson would ask me to take of my clothing and ask me to go bath as he know that only after Daddy have bath, then Daddy can carry him. *What a Daddy's boy!*

Today have been a tiring day for Daddy as he have to wake up at 0500hrs to cook lunch - curry chicken for Mummy, then got to go market buy green papaya, fish to cook papaya fish soup, and french loaf to goes along with the curry chic as well as nasi lemak for Mummy. After that, Daddy still have to rush to class and attending the whole day of class which end at 1600hrs.

No matter how tiring Daddy is, the moment I reached home, hearing Baby Janson calling "Pa!", it really brighten up my day! Sometimes, Baby Janson would also give a peck as a "reward" or when he is happy!

However, Daddy today feeling very sick. After bathing, Daddy lying down on the bed and almost instantly fallen asleep. Waking up 1900hrs when Baby calling me to wake up,telling me he is hungry.

What a day for Daddy Alvin!

"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, But the fun and learning comes from the journey up to the top of the mountain!"

11:42 PM
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