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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

23/01/07 @ 2040HRS:

here wifey's birth story...

17th Jan 07

0000hrs - admitted into TMC

0100hrs - insert pill

0200hrs - go back to ward and rest while waiting for cervix to open

0700hrs - back to labour ward

0930hrs - epi injected

0945hrs - brust water bag, 1cm dilated

1300hrs - 2cm dilated

1430hrs - 4cm dilated

1600hrs - 5cm dilated, gynae say progress too slow... by 1800hrs if still not much progress, will have to C-sect...keep toking to baby, ask him guai guai...

1800hrs - 7cm dilated, finally making "some" progress... gynae say will come back @ 2100hrs to check again...

2000hrs - 8cm dilated

2100hrs - fully dilated try pushing, but as baby still high up, no choice got to rest

2145hrs - gynae arrived, try pushing again, baby still high up... WORSE still, wifey cannot/don't know how to push....

2215hrs - gynae ask if wanna use vacuum, cos baby "stress", went ahead with vacuum...

2300hrs - BABY JANSON born!

8:42 PM
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