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Saturday, October 07, 2006

07/10/06 @ 1926HRS: Sighz! Today Daddy wake up at 1400HRS. Very tired as yesterday got dinner function to attend.
Mummy whole night never sleep well due to heachaches. Then Baby seem to know that Mummy not sleeping well, keep kicking Mummy ask her go to sleep!
Then after Daddy wake up, went for late lunch @ Hougang Mall. Had Sushi for lunch!

After lunch, Daddy come back home fixed the computer as well as updating the color of Baby's blog.

Now going to ikea with Baby's grandparent, to do some shopping. Wondering what for dinner.

Tonight will do some update on the item Daddy and Mummy brought for Baby!
As well as some of the thing Baby's "Xiao Yi" brought for him!

7:32 PM
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