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Thursday, October 05, 2006

05/10/2006 @ 0415HRS: This is the date and time when i wrote this posting.

Finally the blog is complete!
But ended up making wifey angry as so late liao still don't want to sleep.
Anyway, wifey is sleep soundly now, guess Baby also ba.

Siao liao, now already passed mine sleep hours, cannot sleep liao...But don't sleep also cannot as later @ 11ooHRS still got appointment with Dr Woo for checkup. Sighz... What to do??!?!? Been excited over doing Baby's blog..

It been 1mth since we last saw Baby. Really wondering how is "HE" doing now?

For the past few weeks, have been very excited and happy, managed to feel Baby tossing around n kicking about in the womb from outside.

Also feel proud of mine wifey - Celeste to go thru so much to bear me this Baby!
Hereby, I salute to all MUMMIES and MUMMIES-TO-BE! All of you are really BRAVE warriors!

Got to end here liao, but do tuned in for more updates on our Baby!

Cheers and have a GOOD NIGHT!

4:21 AM
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